Danestone Congregational Church

A little about us...


Danestone Congregational Church was founded in 1986.  Set up as a Church Plant in 1986 from its mother Church Middleton Park / Bridge of Don Congregational Church.


It started meeting in Danestone Primary School, just along the road.   In 1988, because of interference from the old Congregational Union, the 24 members decided to break away and establish an Independent Congregational Church.   In 1991 the Church built its own building.


In 1993 it planted Balmedie Congregational Church.  In 1995 it planted Cove Congregational Church and in 1997 it re-established Woodside Congregational Church.


In 1999 the founding non-stipendiary Pastor, Andy Cowie, left the Church with some 100 members.  From 2000 to 2003 another Minister led the congregation, but when she left, sadly the last two members also left.


There was a panic meeting between Eleanor Burnett and Andy Cowie followed by an emergency meeting, which saw 10 lapsed members - a quorum, attend, and it was agreed that Andy Cowie would return to Danestone as Pastor.    The Church never actually closed, but it was close.


During the next three years the Church re-established itself, growing to 38 members.


In 2004, Andy called a meeting of the Office Bearers of the four Aberdeen Congregational Churches, to highlight his feeling that for the Churches to grow, the Churches should consider a Shared Team Ministry.   The suggestion was accepted and put to Church Meetings and again the principle of the Team was accepted.


Application was made to the Congregational Federation and the Congregational Federation in Scotland for financial help.   With the help of Bob Franklyn, Mission Network Support Worker, a financial help package was put together to allow all Churches to pay for part time Ministry.


At that same time, Rev. Anne Robertson, the daughter of Andy Cowie and who had been brought up in our Church, became available.


In November 2006 we welcomed Marvyn and Anne to Aberdeen when Anne was inducted as our new Minister.